What are managed print services?

Managed print services streamline and optimise your entire printing infrastructure. It’s not just about fixing printers when they break; it’s a comprehensive approach to controlling, maintaining, and enhancing your printing environment. By partnering with a managed print service provider like us at Chris Humphrey Office National, you’re entrusting the management of your printing resources to experts. From overseeing your print fleet to optimising print workflows, these services ensure that every aspect of your printing operations is efficient and cost-effective.

Advantages of Managed Print Services

Predictable Expenses

Benefit from fixed, predictable costs for your printing needs, eliminating unexpected repair or supply expenses and simplifying budgeting.

Enhanced Productivity

Optimise print workflows, ensure timely maintenance, and provide reliable support, enabling your team to focus on core tasks without printing interruptions.

Sustainability Focus

Implement eco-friendly practices, reducing waste and energy consumption, fostering a more environmentally responsible approach to your business operations.

A tailor-made solution, just for you

Our managed print experts are ready to chat with you on how we can deliver peak print performance and productivity!


Toner, ready to roll

Your managed print services contract includes toner and other consumables, with automated toner delivery.

Maintenance included

Our service technicians will keep your machine running in tip-top shape - and it's all included in your contract.

One invoice

All your print costs across all of your devices, on one easy-to-follow monthly invoice.

Minimise downtime

Our service team conducts maintenance on your machine to minimise downtime.

Remote monitoring

We'll pre-emptively send you replacement consumables or a technician if we detect issues.

Add or upgrade

Easily add-on new services or features to your existing contracts. Ask us how!


uniFLOW’s secure printing functionality allows users to send sensitive documents to network printers from both desktops and mobile devices. Documents will only be printed when the user is physically standing at the device. Unique features and technologies make uniFLOW a powerful software tool that maximises security while increasing business productivity.

uniFLOW, with its built-in hybrid technology, continues to combine on-premise and cloud resources while simultaneously satisfying the most sophisticated secure print and document scanning processes.


PaperCut is a valuable print management software for multifunction devices that enables organisations to track and manage their printing, copying, and scanning.

Regardless of your printer brand or model, computer operating system, or organisation size, PaperCut is a solution that works. With cutting-edge cloud and document processing technology, PaperCut will make your document scanning process much smarter and simpler.


Integrate your document workflows with your digital information systems with Therefore™ information management software. It easily enables you to store, manage and process all kinds of business information efficiently, economically and securely throughout your organisation.

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