A Comparison: Generic Hosted PBX vs 3CX Solution

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There’s a myriad of options out there when selecting a phone system for your business, but how do you know which one to choose? Am I getting good value or the feature I need?

Most telcos will provide you with a basic office phone system, with music on hold and a couple of handsets. Our hosted 3CX systems provide much more features at a similar price point, offering you much more flexibility and redundancy when you need it.

Here’s a few reasons why 3CX is a top-tier choice when compared to on-premises or other hosted PBX systems.

3CX Mobile app

Most traditional on-premises and hosted phone systems are limited to desk phones in your office. 3CX allows you to take or make calls anywhere, in or out of the office with your office phone number, extension and all the features of your office phone system in your pocket. Allow remote workers to take their office phone with them, or even interstate or overseas. With a familiar and easy to use interface, the 3CX mobile app empowers your team to work on the go.

3CX Web app

See whether your colleagues are on the phone, in a meeting or otherwise busy at a glance. Log in and out of queues, access the company address book or use your computer to make or take calls. Access your call stats and wallboard.

Integration with Microsoft 365

Single sign-on with your Microsoft 365 account, sync your calendar to set your busy status, receive voicemail to email and automatically create new extensions for new 365 users. You can even connect your 3CX phone system to Teams for voice calls.

Local support

At CHON, we host your 3CX server, as well and patch, maintain and backup your system. Being based locally here in Australia, we’re only a call away if you ever need any assistance with your 3CX phone system.

Tailored solutions

3CX is very flexible and featured, including call queues, auto-attendants and CRM integrations available for contacts and call journalling. Advanced features such as the Call Flow Designer allow for infinite possibilities in extending the systems.

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