Is your company ready for a cyber attack?

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Is the question of being prepared for a cyberattack really fair? It’s akin to preparing for an accident – can you really be ready for the unexpected? The answer is a resounding yes!

However, if you find yourself unprepared for a cyberattack, it may indicate a lack of awareness about the gravity of potential threats (and the crucial role played by cybersecurity companies). The sheer volume of cyberattacks—running into millions each week—and the potential financial repercussions underscore the critical need for a robust cybersecurity service. Hackers, relentless in their pursuit, are poised to extract personal information from your company, demanding your vigilance.

It’s not merely a suggestion to take action; it’s an urgent need to make essential adjustments promptly. Consider this: in the U.S. alone last year, hackers executed 668 million breaches, with the previous year tallying a staggering 1.5 billion breaches. If your company operates in the U.S., you face a significantly higher risk of an attack, with 38 percent of cyberattacks targeting the United States. The average cost of a full breach in the U.S. in 2018 soared to a staggering 7.9 million dollars per company, highlighting the constant onslaught on enterprises. Take a moment to glance at a cyber threat map to witness the multitude of attacks detected every second—hundreds of thousands each day!

The purpose of this read is to ascertain your safety from cyberattacks, and we understand that. Hence, comprehending the types of threats you may encounter and how you measure up is crucial. Your company must adhere to compliance rules and regulations established by entities like HIPAA, PCI, FFIEC, and others. While numerous products help maintain compliance, not all provide the comprehensive coverage you require. Trusting a cybersecurity company is the smartest move to safeguard your company’s network.

Opting for a cybersecurity company is prudent because their teams consist of cybersecurity experts with extensive education and experience to combat various cyber threats. While having a cybersecurity product installed offers a level of protection, it falls short without experts who constantly monitor reports and anticipate evolving threats. Experts, unlike manuals, swiftly identify potential threats, keeping your company safe from zero-day attacks and unforeseen dangers.

The array of cybersecurity companies and products underscores the diverse origins of attacks—from cloud and servers to firewalls, SDS systems, personal devices, and more. A SIEM solution not only provides preventative software but also delivers real-time notifications of genuine threats, eliminating false positives. Moreover, if an attack is detected, your team of experts begins collaborating with you to find a solution within minutes.

In conclusion, questioning your readiness for a cyberattack parallels questioning your preparedness for an accident. Just as insurance provides coverage for accidents, a cybersecurity company can offer a protective shield against cyber threats.

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