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You might be aware of the ongoing threat of online attacks, but have you ever wondered about their origins and whether your company is at serious risk? Are you confident in your company’s efforts to protect itself from these threats? Globally, cybersecurity companies are diligently monitoring network activity to identify and thwart dangerous threats, revealing insightful statistics about who’s being targeted and who the attackers are. Understanding where attacks originate and who is most vulnerable can provide valuable insights into the nature of the threats your company may face.

Now, let’s dive into the statistics:

Countries Launching Attacks: 

China – 21% 
United States – 11% 
Brazil – 7% 
Russia – 6% 
India – 5% 
Japan – 4% 
Countries Facing Threats: 
United States – 69% 
Spain – 6% 
China – 6% 
Singapore – 5% 
France – 3% 
UK – 3% 
Statistics source: The Threat Landscape in 2021 | Symantec Enterprise Blogs (

If you are wondering where and how these kinds of numbers are found, numerous attack maps showcase the monitoring efforts of cybersecurity companies. These companies employ geofilters and other software to pinpoint the location of each detected activity through its IP (Intellectual Property) address.

Now, let’s delve into the intriguing aspect of these numbers and ask ourselves, “Why these countries?” and “What does it mean?”

Firstly, among the countries launching attacks, the top six make up approximately 55% of the world’s cyberattacks, with the remaining 45% dispersed among various other nations. Notably, the majority of these top attacking countries share common traits such as larger populations and/or more advanced technologies, potentially influencing the results.

While the top six attacking countries represent 54% of all attacks, the top six countries facing threats constitute an astounding 92% of all threatened countries. The United States, in particular, is disproportionately targeted. The reason behind this pattern is linked to economic and political power, with 90% of these attacks targeting intelligence, 11% for disruption, and 9% for financial motives, according to Symantec.

In conclusion, the average cost of a breach for companies worldwide is $4.35 million, rising to an average of $9.44 million for U.S. companies. If you operate in the United States, your company faces more than double the attacks compared to companies outside the U.S. To ensure your safety from these threats, consider reaching out to a trustworthy cybersecurity company today.

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